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Imagine, as a business owner, being able to reach your target market at the very moment you have something important to convey to them. ASSISTING YOU will take your business and connect it to your customers when you need it most; now.

Bridging the Gaps Between Small Business and Social Media

Marketing firms cater to big businesses who need a complete, expensive package with all the bells and whistles. Small businesses don't benefit from a huge investment like that. 

This leaves locally owned mom and pop shops struggling to connect with customers in an ever changing digital world. ASSISTING YOU will bridge the gap between small business and social media. 

Social Media … Stress Free

Assisting You takes the stress out of social media by taking care of it all for you. We’ll create your accounts with beautiful graphics, grow your fan base, post status updates, answer general questions on your pages, inform you when you need to personally address something, and respond to comments and reviews. This strategy earns trust from your fans, helps you be seen as an authority in your field and ultimately results in more sales, customers or clients.

 Powered by the Dynamic Sibling Duo 

Assisting You is powered by the dynamic sibling duo of Barbara & Jim Lowe (Hey – that’s us!). We fought about everything when we were kids; toys, TV shows, riding in the front seat, who Mom loved more, musical tastes…seriously, everything!  

Honestly, it is amazing that we didn’t kill each other. Years passed, Jim’s hair got grey, Barbara decided to wear more than just black clothes and, most importantly, we realized how our well our individual superpowers, errr, skill sets, complimented each other. 
So, in classic superhero fashion, we teamed up to become the Assisting You Social Media Power Squadron. And we hardly ever fight anymore. Except over Jim’s somewhat nerdy “Social Media Power Squadron” title, which is totally not making it into the final draft of the website (Shhhhhh). Well, that and music. We still hate each other’s music.

Barbara Lowe, the Iron Maiden of Social Media Marketing

The vanquisher of typos, spelling errors, and poor grammar, Barbara is a Marketing Powerhouse with a superhuman understanding of social media analytics and effective digital marketing. Barbara founded Assisting You so that she could use her twenty years of marketing experience to take local businesses to the next level by connecting them to potential clients and customers online.  

While some Super Heroes cloak themselves in secret identities, Barbara wears her cape with pride – she has a reputation throughout the Southern Georgian Bay area as the Ultimate Networker, both online and off!

Jim Lowe, the Champagne Supernova of Content

Jim's mission in life is to beat back the bland forces of boring online content. Jim's Social Media Super Powers include Ghost Blogging, Branding, Content Creation, and Marketing Strategy. A graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University, Jim has more than two decades of experience creating content and building brand awareness for some of the World's largest companies.  

Since teaming up with his sister (and Assisting You Founder) Barbara Lowe in 2015, Jim has used those Super Powers to help local entrepreneurs grow their businesses through superior online strategies. Jim currently ghost writes blog articles for a organizations across Canada, including a number of local small businesses.

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