Social Media Strategies for

Is your company the new kid on the block? Starting up a business is hard work. You have so much on your plate already, let Assisting You build your social media presence for you!  

Social Media Pre-Analysis & Review

We’ll sit down and review your marketing plans to determine which platforms are most important to your needs. Assisting You does all of the work – your new Social Media presence will be optimized for success and a content creation/management plan will be put in place to build your audience.

We Play Well in the Sandbox

If you have a website set-up or under construction, we’ll work with your web designer to ensure that your new brand is represented consistently and professionally across all platforms. If you’re still in the “pre-web” stage of setting up your business, no worries, we have relationships with some of the best web designers in Central Ontario and can help you start your new business on the right foot.

Standing Out…Above the Noise

 A strong social media presence is important for any new enterprise, but is absolutely critical for restaurants, retail stores and other businesses that need to compete with national chains or well-established local competition. 

Let Us Help you!

Don’t spend the first six months of operation spinning your wheels and missing out on dollars in your pocket. Contact us today to get your business thriving on social media right away!
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