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Have you neglected your business’s social media presence? Are there tumbleweeds blowing down your Facebook page? Does your Instagram profile have (virtual) dust and cobwebs growing on it? Are you a Twitter Egg? Do you keep on telling yourself that you’ll get around to LinkedIn…eventually?

You have lots of time, right?

Promoting your business on social media takes time that you don’t have – time better spent actually doing business – but time that needs to be spent in order to grow your client base and revenues. Assisting You lets you spend time on your business by taking over the creation and management of your social media content. We are experts in both creating content and effectively sharing it through the right social media channels for your business.

Social Media Pre-Analysis 

Before we start working with you, we’ll conduct a free social media pre-analysis to help you identify what is working – and what isn’t – in your current approach to social media. From there, we’ll optimize your presence on key platforms and create a customized content strategy.  

Results Driven Content Creation

The content is specific to your company’s needs, but typically includes striking visuals, engaging links, conversation starters, and “Ghost Blogs” written under your name.  
The results build your company’s online reputation and grow your bottom line.

Taking the First Step

Let Assisting You take away the pain of enormous time and effort of managing your firm’s social media presence. Contact us today for your free pre-analysis!
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